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Meet Dave, a entrepreneur and owner of Almond Surfboards a family owned and operated business in Costa Mesa, California. Dave's passion extends far beyond just crafting surfboards. He believes living a lifestyle that encourages a way to build deeper connection with the natural world. Dave hosts gatherings with like-minded friends & family that foster community, build richer conversation, break bread together and inspire purpose around the table.

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do you know what's in your cookware?

We do. Xtrema is made from the combination of clay, water and heat. It's as simple and clean as cookware can get. No synthetic coatings, no harmful dyes, no metal leaching. It's pure ceramic cookware.

Community, Legacy & Versatility

" Xtrema Cookware is extremely versatile, you can get this pan ripping hot, throw a steak in it and sear it to perfection!"

  • Pure ceramic, never made with metal
  • No synthetic coatings or dyes
  • Use over open flame, can withstand high heat cooking
  • Built to pass down from generation to generation

building a legacy that matters

Today, Almond Surfboards stands as a testament to Dave Allee's vision and legacy. The brand continues to inspire surfers worldwide to connect with the ocean on a deeper level, fostering richer conversations both on and off the waves. His passion continues to grow to connect others and build a lifestyle that bring people together to nurture lifegiving relationships!

Check out his brand: https://almondsurfboards.com/

Instagram: @almondsurfboards

"Everything that is in Xtrema cookware is 100% ceramic, which essentially comes from the earth, its as pure and simple as cookware can be."

Dave Allee

Owner of Almond Surfboards & Community Builder