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Healthy, through and through.
Xtrema cookware is 100% ceramic—from the glaze to the core—to keep your meals healthy and flavorful. The solid ceramic construction also offers even heating, easy cleaning and the versatility to take dishes from fridge, to stovetop, to oven, to table.

Pure Ceramic Cookware

Our classic, versatile cookware and bakeware will quickly become the only dishes you reach for—and the only ones you’re proud to leave out on display.

30cm Versa Skillet with Lid

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5.2-Liter Versa Pot

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3.3-Liter Traditions Saucepan

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Cook happier.
Eat healthier.

While nonstick, metal and ceramic-coated cookware can leach metals and toxic chemicals into foods, Xtrema 100% ceramic cookware was developed by experts to give home cooks a healthier alternative.

Recipe Ideas

Xtrema ceramic cookware gives your meals everything you want, and nothing you don’t. Get comfortable using your new Xtrema cookware with these wholesome, simple recipes.

If you care about where your food comes from or the nutritional value of the meals you serve, then why are you settling in terms of the cookware you use to prepare food? At Xtrema, with our Pure Ceramic Cookware, we understand the value of versatility. We offer a wide selection of healthy cookware that is made of all-natural materials, so you can cook with confidence and serve healthy meals. Ceramic’s 10,000 years old history, is the oldest cooking surfaces known to man, but it is quickly rising in popularity among modern consumers that crave better-tasting food. Give your collection the update it deserves by shopping from our selection of healthy cookware today. 

We proudly offer an extensive line of healthy cookware that has been supported by holistic physicians, nutritionists, medical doctors, and wellness bloggers throughout the world. We carry an array of cookware, teaware and other products that will make cooking at home more enjoyable for everyone. Today, most metallic and ceramic coated metal cooking surfaces leach metals and chemicals flavors into your food, making them dangerous to your health. Our ceramic cooking products are free of lead, cadmium and all heavy toxic metals. There are no PFOA, PTFE, and Sol-Gel Ceramic coatings sprayed onto the surface of our Xtrema cookware. Xtrema is pure ceramic and our cooking surface is pure ceramic which allows you to be health confident in the food you prepare and eat. 

Xtrema pure ceramic cookware can be used for food preparation on the stovetop, in a conventional, microwave, toaster oven, under the broiler, or even on the barbecue grill. Better yet, each ceramic product is dishwasher-safe.  

Xtrema cookware products are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to choose from.  We also offer a variety of bakeware, Fridgex food storage containers, and silicone kitchen products too. Enjoy your shopping experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us and you will receive an experienced and friendly representative to answer your questions.