Winter Soup Recipes

Winter Soup Recipes


10 winter soup recipesWinter is officially here, and winter soup is a great way to warm up! Many people don’t know that making a winter soup recipe is actually rather simple. It just takes a little bit of prep and you will have a bowl of comfort in no time! I love eating soup year-round but having soup in the winter is my favorite!

How to Make Winter Soup

First thing to do when you’re following a recipe is to gather all of the ingredients and read through the entire recipe at least once.

Then, as you go, reread the recipe. Usually soup recipes call for prepping the vegetables first. Clean and peel them and then chop them. For your soup, it’s totally fine to use store bought broth.

Sometimes, soup recipes call for sauteeing a couple of ingredients in butter first and then adding the rest of the ingredients followed by the broth. Or sometimes winter soup recipes require you to just dump all of the ingredients into the pot and then the broth.

Oftentimes, you’re bringing the soup to a boil and then lowering it to a simmer. I often add salt and pepper here and then right before serving, I taste it to see if it needs more seasoning.

If it’s a cream based soup, this is when I add the cream to the soup. Usually by tempering, I put a cup or two of the soup into a bowl. Then, add half of the cream to the bowl, mix and then add it all back to the soup. Repeat until you have added all of the cream to the soup.

Adding seasoning to a soup along the way while you’re cooking it and before serving is really important.


10 Winter Soup Recipes

loaded baked potato winter soup recipe

Loaded Baked Potato Soup 

butternut squash winter soup recipe

Butternut Squash Soup

curried beef stew winter soup recipe

Curried Beef Stew

italian vegetable beef stew winter soup recipe

Italian Vegetable Beef Soup

chicken noodle soup recipe

Chicken Noodle Soup

cheesy cauliflower soup recipe for winter

Cheesy Cauliflower Soup

I love freezing leftover soup so when I’m craving it in a few weeks, I can just defrost it and then heat it up and enjoy it all over again.

I often ladle soup into plastic containers and leave a little room for it to expand. Then, label it with the type of soup and the date (with the year) so you can easily identify which soup it is!

To reheat frozen soup, just defrost using the defrost setting on your microwave or defrost in your refrigerator overnight. You get to have that wonderful, comforting soup whenever you want!

Here are some more amazing winter soup recipes you have to try:

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