The Do's and Don'ts of Hosting a Summer Party

The Do's and Don'ts of Hosting a Summer Party


The Do's and Don'ts of Hosting a Summer Party

Hosting a summer party with your family and friends allows you to enjoy good food and company while breathing the fresh air of your garden, hanging out by the pool or sitting around a campfire. However, you'll want to learn some tips and tricks for outdoor hosting before diving headfirst into planning the party. Consider these do's and don'ts if you're wondering how to host a great summer party this season.

The Do's

When hosting a summer party, there are a few tips to follow. Here are a few things you should always do during a summer party.

1. Create an Easy but Diverse Menu

While going all out for your summer outdoor party may be tempting, a simple menu will save you time and money. Easy menus don't mean you have to provide one dish. Choose two or three main dishes to offer guests so that they can choose what they want without getting overwhelmed by the amount of food available. 

2. Protect Your Food

Be sure to protect your food from the weather and insects. For example, when not being served, you can cover your food with lids. Keep flies and insects away using bug traps, citronella candles or fans. In the case of inclement weather, be sure to have all the lids and coverings close by.

3. Play Games

An outdoor event isn't complete without some fun games for guests. You can bring out some board games like Monopoly or Life or invest in some exciting lawn games like cornhole. 

4. Plan for the Weather

Plan for the weather, whether rain or shine. While you want to avoid the rain as much as possible, have shades, coverings or umbrellas at the ready for guests to move under if needed. You can also set up some indoor space to accommodate guests in case of a storm. 

5. Use Xtrema Cookware

Xtrema ceramic cookware is perfect for elevating your summer event. Use pure ceramic cookware to slow-cook your delicious meals and have them hot and ready before the party begins. Ceramic pots and pans are highly durable and can be quickly switched from high-heat ovens to stovetops, making them perfect for more extended parties and events where dishes may be moved and reheated throughout the night. 

6. Have Sufficient Lighting and Seating

Be sure to provide ample lighting and comfortable seating in your outdoor space. When the evening rolls around, you'll want guests to be able to see their food and each other. Comfortable chairs and tables may include cushioned seating, picnic tables for groups of people or traditional seating with pillows.

The Don'ts

While creating the perfect summer party is a fun experience, there are a few things you should avoid. From making a complicated menu to forgetting about your neighbors, you'll want to create the best experience for guests without causing discomfort. Here are a few summer party don'ts to keep in mind.

Diversify your menu with salads, side dishes and unique meals.

  • Making a complicated menu: A complicated menu with too many food options can overwhelm guests and lead to food waste. 
  • Serving hot food on hot days: Serving hot food on a hot day may not be the best option when most guests want a cold drink, fruit or pasta salad. Be sure to offer a mixture of cold dishes and grilled meats so guests can stay refreshed throughout the party.
  • Serving only burgers: Many guests may tire of the typical burger served at summer parties. Plus, some guests may not eat meat or beef. Diversify your menu with other meats, salads, side dishes and unique meals.
  • Neglecting food safety: Don't forget to keep food from spoiling throughout the night by keeping dishes covered when not in use. Put cold dishes in the fridge after the main courses have been served and guests have had the opportunity for seconds.
  • Not including a drink station: Don't forget a drink station. Guests will need to stay hydrated throughout the summer heat.
  • Forgetting to mention the location: Don't forget to say where the party is located. Guests will need to know the address and whether the party is inside or outside so they can dress accordingly. 
  • Bothering your neighbors: Stay aware of your neighbors and keep the noises down throughout the party.

How to Host a Summer Dinner Party

Hosting a summer dinner party means you'll have to pay close attention to aspects like insects, dietary restrictions, lighting and drinks. For example, always pay attention to insect prevention. You can find lighting to keep bugs distracted and away from guests or ward off mosquitos with citronella candles. 

Keep guests' dietary restrictions in mind as well. While burgers, chicken and other grilled meats are the signature of a summer party, some guests might be vegan or vegetarian. Be sure to offer alternative meals and snacks for guests to enjoy.

Another essential part of a dinner party is lighting. Once the evening begins, you'll want to light up the scene with tiki torches, candles and strung lights to set the atmosphere. 

Finally, introduce tasty cocktails to keep guests excited throughout your event. Evening parties are the perfect time to introduce delicious drinks. Just be sure to offer mocktails for those who prefer the nonalcoholic variety. 

How to Host a Summer Garden Party

A summer garden party is a perfect opportunity to serve the season's food while decorating with natural flowers and plants. Garden parties are the ideal place for unique lighting and candles. Be sure to focus on insect prevention, music and ambiance, easy food bites, and finding stable areas for the tables. Make sure there is some shade available, too. 

When thinking about food, make dishes influenced by the fruits and veggies of the season, like strawberries or peaches. You can even create meals with fruits and edible flowers to match the scenery. To match your garden's aesthetic, decorate your area with string lights and candles for a magical garden flair.

How to Host a Summer Cocktail Party

Hosting a summer cocktail party is the opportunity to provide unique beverages and a signature drink for guests to enjoy. When creating a cocktail event, provide a mixture of beverages, including nonalcoholic options for those who prefer a mocktail. 

Include options for fun garnishes like fruit, citrus or umbrellas. You should also be sure to buy lots of ice beforehand so don'ton't run out, and include small plates of crackers, cheese or fruit for guests to snack on. Set the theme with aesthetic decorations, matching cocktail colors and music for the right ambiance. 

Make Delicious Summer Meals With Xtrema Cookware

Make Delicious Summer Meals With Xtrema Cookware

Xtrema offers beautiful, handcrafted ceramic cookware made from 100% natural and nontoxic ceramic materials. Our cookware is worry-free and nontoxic, created by a family-owned business. Our pots and pans can easily be used to slow-cook your summer party meals and have them ready for dinner. Xtrema cookware is long-lasting and can be passed down to younger family members. Contact us today with questions about our cookware, or explore our products online.

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