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Thanksgiving Dinner Alternatives

Thanksgiving Dinner Alternatives

Now that fall has finally arrived, many people are beginning their holiday preparations. For some, that means finding the biggest turkey available and stocking up all the fixings to go with it – potatoes, green beans, and yams. For others, those time-honored ingredients can take a toll on the healthy lifestyle changes they are trying to make. Stay true to your diet and health goals by exploring our collection of Thanksgiving dinner alternatives. They’re tasty – we promise! The best part is how easily each can be prepared using Xtrema ceramic products!

  • Trade in the turkey for ham instead: Perhaps you are more of a pork person, in which case, try changing it up this year by ditching the turkey and going for a Thanksgiving ham instead. Ham is also an excellent choice if you are shopping for a small household and you can do without all the leftovers. Pork requires less cooking time, and some options even come pre-cooked to make preparation easy. Easily prepare it in one of our Dutch ovens, and you’ll have a delicious entrée in no time.
  • Add a little fish to the festive feast: Despite the fact that turkey is a white meat, you may want something even healthier, such as grilled salmon or baked rainbow trout. Once you make this tasty change and eat fish in lieu of turkey, you will reap the brain-boosting benefits while family members attempt to fight an inevitable turkey coma on the couch.
  • Vegetarian lasagna: Feeding everyone in the family can be difficult, especially if a few people can’t or won’t eat meat. Luckily, vegetarian lasagna is a scrumptious alternative to the traditional turkey, and you can sneak plenty of vegetables into this popular dish. Serve your lasagna with garlic bread or a simple salad. We have the perfect baking dish for it in our ceramic 3-piece bakeware set.
  • Sweet potato gnocchi: Soft dumplings are delicious and use the best of fall vegetables while adding a slightly sweet element to the savory spread at your dining table. Gnocchi also works well as a vegan or vegetarian option for those who don’t eat meat or consume animal products. The gnocchi can be prepared on the stove top in one of our ceramic skillets.
  • Quinoa with roasted eggplant and apple salad: Before you break out the fancy plates and stretchy pants, check to see if you have any quinoa on hand. This delicious and healthy alternative to turkey and mashed potatoes will leave you feeling full and satisfied without any of the remorse. Serve it up in our 24-ounce oval baking and serving dish, available in a variety of colors.

There are so many Thanksgiving dinner alternatives out there. We hope that these ideas and recipes give you plenty of inspiration ahead of the holiday hustle and bustle at the grocery store. You can experiment in the kitchen however you wish because the hard and fast rules no longer exist.

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