Heat Conductivity of Ceramic Cookware

Heat Conductivity of Ceramic Cookware


When choosing cookware, an important factor to consider is the heat conductivity of the material. Heat conductivity determines how fast and evenly heat is distributed across the vessel, which affects how well food is cooked. Pure ceramic cookware from Xtrema offers excellent heat conductivity and heat retention properties.

How Does Heat Conductivity Work in Ceramic Cookware?

Materials with high heat conductivity are quick to react to temperature changes, meaning they heat up faster but also lose it just as fast when the temperature drops. Pure ceramic cookware is made from minerals, clay and quartz sand. As a result of this construction, heat is transferred at a slower rate across the vessel but distributed evenly for consistent cooking results.

Due to its low thermal conductivity, 100% ceramic is ideal for retaining heat and perfect for meals that call for slow cooking. Once ceramic cookware reaches the right temperature, it excels at retaining that heat due to its insulating properties. The heat conductive and heat retention properties of all-ceramic cookware allow for consistent, even heating for a smooth cooking experience every time.

Benefits of Cooking With All-Ceramic Cookware

At Xtrema, we are dedicated to the art of wholesome cooking. That's why we create cookware made from pure, non-toxic materials that you'll always reach for in your kitchen. When you cook with pure ceramic, you can experience peace of mind knowing you're using a product made from natural materials. 

Additional benefits of our cookware include: 

  • Safe: Unlike non-stick ceramic-coated options, our cookware is made from 100% ceramic and does not leach metal or PFAS into your food. 
  • Eco-friendly: Our ceramic cookware is handcrafted from clay, minerals and quartz sand, making it more sustainable for the environment. Our cookware is also made to last a lifetime which significantly reduces consumer waste over time.
  • Versatile: Pure ceramic cookware can be used for various appliances, including ovens, stovetops, broilers and freezers. They can even be used for serving at the table.

Why Choose Our Safe, Non-Toxic Cookware

Our cookware is made with 100% pure ceramic without a metal base or non-stick coating to ensure you enjoy non-toxic, worry-free cooking. Our process of making ceramic cookware is inspired by the ancient art of ceramics, allowing us to produce appealing and durable products that will last for generations to come. 

We understand the role that cookware plays in the health and safety of your daily meals. Our ceramic cookware is free from PFOA, PTFE and sprayed-on coatings to prevent potentially harmful chemicals from entering your food while you cook. 

Browse Our All-Ceramic Cookware Today

Experience cookware that is handmade with the purest of intentions. At Xtrema, we offer a wide selection of 100% ceramic cookware that will make a great addition to your family's table and that you'll want to pass down to future generations. With our non-toxic and artisanally crafted cookware, you can enjoy true healthy cooking. 

Browse our selection of ceramic cookware and place your order today! 

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