Gut Health: What Is It and How to Support It?

Gut Health: What Is It and How to Support It?


Curious to know more about gut health and how to support it? In this article, I’ll break down what gut health really is, what leads to poor gut health, and ways to support it. Plus, I’m sharing a delicious Gut Healing Homemade Bone Broth.

Gut health has been getting a lot of buzz-worthy attention lately and that’s because there have been more and more studies showing how the gut plays a HUGE role in our brain health, digestive system, immune system, and so much more. But, what is the gut and why should you care?

The gut is very powerful because it’s the home to our gut microbiome. The gut microbiome refers to the trillions of live bacteria and other microbes living inside our digestive tract and includes things like viruses, fungi, good and bad bacteria. These all play a vital role in fighting diseases, immune support, mental health, and overall maintaining optimal health. A healthy microbiome helps us digest, produce vitamins, stimulate and maintain the gut lining, and prevents bad pathogens, bacteria, and parasites from invading and wreaking havoc in our body.

Without the proper diet and nutrients, it could lead to chronic inflammation, which has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and depression.


Some Factors that Contribute to Poor Gut Health

  • Environmental chemicals found in cookware such as, heavy metals and aluminum
  • Sugar, gluten, dairy
  • Antibiotics
  • Stress


Gut Health and Cookware

Everything we eat and drink impacts the health of our gut. That’s why what we eat is such a big factor in inflammation and disease, and why taking care of our gut is so important. But also, choosing the right pots and pans to cook with is just as important as the healthy foods we eat. Even the healthiest of diets can lead to poor health issues.

Cookware such as non-stick (Teflon), aluminum, copper, stainless steal unfortunately, all have coatings or heavy metals that can leach into your food as they’re being cooked. For example, the concerns have centered on a chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is used to produce nonstick cookware. When this chemical begins to reach a certain degree in heat, it releases those toxins into your food. Aluminum, is a neurotoxic metal that’s been linked to Alzheimer’s.

Using cookware made from 100% pure ceramic, such as Xtrema Cookware is one of the best and healthier options on the market. By using a trusted brand that is all natural and non-toxic, you’re reducing your exposure to environmental toxins, everyday mycotoxins, and chemicals that can leach into your system and alter your gut microbiome causing inflammation and allergies.

But don’t be fooled by some of the ceramic coated cookware brands that are advertised being “green.” Even those have been found to contain synthetic materials and chemicals such as PFOA which can alter the gut microbiome and lead to more serious health issues. So, no matter how healthy you’re eating, if your exposed constantly to environmental toxins such as regular Teflon or aluminum cookware, chances are your gut microbiome is being compromised and altered.

But don’t worry friends, I’ve got a list of things to incorporate into your daily practice to keep your gut health strong and healthy. I also included a tasty recipe of my favorite homemade bone broth.


Gut Healing Diet

  • Bone Broth: One of the most powerful digestive aids, bone broth is a nutritional powerhouse. It’s incredibly rich in minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and amino acids (protein). And, thanks to the gelatin (collagen) and cartilage from the animal bones, anti-aging bone broth reduces inflammation, heals the gut, is proven to aid in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, infections, and even improves mental and emotional health. This is why so many people recommend or make soups to help fight colds and flus.
  • Fermented Foods: Packed with healthful bacteria, fermented foods help keep a healthy gut flora.
  • Fiber: Your gut bacteria sure loves fiber. It acts as their food, helping them perform better for you and keeping you regular.
  • Remove food triggering foods such as sugar, gluten, dairy, or anything else that causes discomfort after eating.
  • Eat Oily Fish: Include oily fish in your diet. The anti-inflammatory omega-3s and the protein help reduce inflammation and support repair processes.

Now that you have some helpful tips to get your gut right, I encourage you to apply some of these into your daily routine. If you’re looking to work with a health coach to help heal your gut, I’d be happy to help. You can reach out to me:

Now, for that tasty and delicious gut healing homemade bone broth recipe! 

Click here for full recipe :

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