Green Christmas Gift Guide - Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Christmas

Green Christmas Gift Guide - Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly Christmas


For those passionate about the earth and sustainability, it is possible to have a Green Christmas. As the first and original developer of non-toxic, 100% ceramic cookware, family-owned Xtrema's company is built around creating products that are both useful and green. Here is our guide to celebrating a Green Christmas.

Our Green Christmas Gift Guide includes some suggestions for eco-friendly gifts.

We also have detailed how to make, package and send Christmas cookies.

Another great way to be green is to make your own gifts.

See below for our Green Christmas Gift Guide.

green Christmas gift guide

Few gifts can trump Christmas cookies. They are made with love and show you care. And they are delicious. We have a couple of articles to guide you on what to make, as well as how to get the cookie gifts packaged as Christmas gifts.

green Christmas - Christmas cookies to make at home

A great gift that is both green and personal is to make your own Christmas cookies from scratch to give as gifts – and enjoy at home as well. 

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how to package christmas cookies

Nothing beats giving or receiving a plate of homemade cookies. A goodie box, dish or jar functions as the perfect gift for all the different relationships in your life — from newer neighbors and your great-aunt to your hairstylist and your closest friends.

But if you want your peppermint bark, peanut brittle and perfectly decorated snowman cookies to truly impress, you’ll need to step up your plating game. To help you out, we’ve included some of our favorite cute ways to package cookies. It includes several options that recycle or upcycle something you probably already have in your house.

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gift of non-toxic ceramic cookware for green christmas

Of course, our Green Christmas Gift Guide couldn't be complete without recommending our own eco-friendly products. As the first and original non-toxic, 100% ceramic cookware, Xtrema cookware makes a great green Christmas gift.

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eco-friendly christmas gifts

Eco-friendly gifts are a good way to tackle your holiday list for everyone. Many of them let you give yourself the gift of skipping a trip to the crowded, overpriced mall.

Whether the recipient already does their part to help the environment or needs a little encouragement in their eco-friendly ways, these gift ideas will put a smile on their face and reduce their carbon footprint. As a bonus, you can feel good giving them, knowing your gift does a little part to help the environment.

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green eco-friendly diy homemade Christmas gifts

There’s always something special about giving homemade Christmas gifts. Besides the obvious money saving component, homemade holiday gifts offer a real heart to heart spirit just perfect for the season. 

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